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Nowin Tejarat Gostar Qeshm Co

Our company with NTG trademark, and registration number 5285, having official business activity license and commercial card, started importing & exporting activities, from 2016.

Our Services

Thanks to the benefit of experienced managers and experts, the company is able to provide  best and valuable services in the field of importing and exporting product
NTG; is currently a member of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines.


Nowin Tejarat Gostar Qeshm company features some valuable background in management, new and advanced equipment and necessities which is able to provide optimally the relevant services with the highest quality using the great experience of its managers, and it is now a member of Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines. This industrial group provides its services by relying on the expert, experienced and innovative engineers in an efficient environment.

The outstanding managerial, executive and academic background of the members of the board of directors and also their successful trade and that of the company’s personnel in implanting the past projects has made up a capable and reliable group to provide the relevant services that are able to provide the services at the highest standards to create and forge extensive relationships with the domestic and foreign organizations.

Organizational Chart