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All-in-one SIGLITE (D-50)

Horizontal and vertical reflection

The Kerb-Stud (Curb-Stud) is thanks to the horizontal and vertical reflection also called “All direction Kerb-Stud”. Kerb-Studs are usually used on kerbs(curbs), traffic islands and roundabouts, without fastening rubber also on roadways thanks to the horizontal reflection. In fact, the Kerb-Studs also can be used on walls because it can reflect the light vertically. This is the reason why it is also called “ All direction Kerb-Stud ”.

Color available

  • white, yellow

Specifications and features

  • Material: Tempered glass
  • Compressive strength
  • With reference to inspection method of CNS 13762, the compressive strength without external rubber base can be greater than 15 tons
  • Weight: 177 g
  • No blind spot in any curve
  • High degree of surface hardness; if the product does break, it will form very fine particles and will not cause secondary damage to human body and vehicles.
  • The protruding height is only 12 mm. The product shape is smooth without sharp corner, which does not influence passing of vehicle and pedestrians (normal road marking reflector has height of 25 mm and highway marking reflectors is 19 mm)
  • Life of application for this product in golf field is more than 20 years (other plastic reflectors will have aging problem due to ultra-violet ray after 1~2 years)
  • The installation is easy and harmless to the landscape, which can be made on the roads or walls

Installation procedures

1.Made adequate facility of safety warning.

2.Mark on the position to be worked.

3.a hole at diameter of 52 mm and depth of 42 mm with drilling machine (mark on the drilling machine or put a ring at the drilling bit to ensure certain depth at hole drilled).

4.bush tool or electrical hammer to take off the asphalt or cement within the hole.

5.Clean sand and water within the hole away with high pressure air (or dry out water with sponge).

6.Use mold with fixed height to test if the depth of hole is suitable or not (else, modification is needed).

7.the kerb – stud in to the hole , put rubber or wooden hammer on top of the stud and then use another hammer to lightly hammer the rubber of the stud in to the hole for completion. Since there is no need to use adhesives, it is convenient and fast for commencement of traffic flow.


  1. New Jersey Marker
  2. Traffic Bollard
  3. Traffic island
  4. Walls
  5. Kerb(curb)
  6. Crash-proof device
  7. Combination with other traffic safety products