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Exportation services

Exportation Services

Exporting and selling goods in foreign markets is particularly delicate, and neglecting this important issue, can waste human and financial capital.

Exporting process, like everything else, require foresight, planning, and knowledge of scientific methods, the necessary mobility, and the confidence of foreign buyers.

The process of exporting goods by our company is as follows:

  1. Marketing

Understanding and penetrating foreign markets by negotiating with potential buyers Using official data and statistics for export.

  1. Drawing up and signing contracts

Services on terms of sale including price, payment terms and delivery time, etc. Finally, the contract is based on the terms of the seller under the supervision of the law firm of the destination country.

  1. Issuance of commercial documents

Issuance of all licenses for export, in accordance with international trade laws.

  1. Providing packages

Coordinate with the manufacturer to optimize export packaging that will increase the attractiveness of the product in the target market.

  1. Goods’ shipment and insurance

Collaborate with reputable international insurance and shipping companies to ship goods to the destination country with maximum speed, reliability and minimum cost and risk.

  1. Receiving the payment for the goods

Ability to receive merchandise and financial documents issued in foreign bank accounts to ensure that the customer receives the funds.

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