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Importation services

Importation services

We provide our importing services step by step based on some especial plans, so that the goods will deliver at the lowest cost and shortest time. NTG’s experienced team provide the best and ideal conditions to our customers.

1.Order Registration

In this step, we collect the specification and general information of the goods
;such as :
Quantity, quality, price and technical specifications. Then we check the documents, certificates ,and steps required to import the desired product, and inform the customer, about next steps.

2.The Buying Process

*Gathering basic information about  origin market and best suppliers of the desired products and goods to present the customer.

* Qualitative evaluation of suppliers in terms of market share in country of origin and amount of export and technology with the necessary licenses, also product line quality.

*Provide initial technical and financial suggestions and present it to the customer along with a summary of the qualitative evaluation.

* Get the sample of the item you want or coordinate a visit on customer request to compare, evaluate and decide on the right supplier.

* Obtain the final pre-invoice after the stated price and ordering terms, according to the customer’s priorities.

* Obtain the final pre-invoice after the price and purchasing terms was stated, according to the customer’s priorities.

* Conclusion of the contract of purchase under the supervision of company lawyers according to the domestic laws of the country, also the country of origin laws.

3.The process of importing goods

The process of importing goods includes: order registration, insurance, shipping coordination, payment on the basis of agreement (cash, towel, L / C) Receiving goods produced from the factory and delivering them to the shipping company representative, receiving all shipping documents, checking non-compliance documents, obtaining document approvals, carrying out (if needed) and getting clearance and preparing documents for clearance.

 4.Delivery of good

Once the goods reach the customs office of the country, our specialized customs clearing agent, begin the customs clearance process ,and in the shortest time and at the lowest possible cost, clear the goods from the customs office and deliver them to the customer.

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