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Koobesh Felez Industrial Group

In 2007, Koobesh Felez Industrial Group (KFI GROUP) was established in Hormozgan with the aim of designing and implementing inter-urban and suburban road safety plans.

The company enjoys the collaboration of the most experienced engineers in designing, positioning, and calculating road safety equipment. It has had continuous and effective cooperation with the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development, Municipalities, Free Trade Zones and Road Traffic and Road Safety Contractors for more than eleven years.

KFI GROUP is the only official and exclusive agency of Taiwan’s SEIH YING Company. Under the brand name of SIGLITE, SEIH YING Company manufactures the road tiger eyes which are of the highest quality in the world.

In the following part, we elaborate on some of the reasons why we need to use SIGLITE products in order to improve the safety of inter-urban and suburban roads, you will also learn about the capabilities of our company.

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Expertise & Processing

Expertise & Processing

Design, Manufacture, Execution, and Installation

Koobesh Felez Industrial Group enjoys the collaboration of the most experienced engineers in road design and safety. The company’s personnel, using its technical capabilities in the field of designing, and calculating safety equipment and urban furniture (with the highest international standard), is able to implement and install the above products.


Better understanding, Receiving the complete project

Decision making and offering the best cooperation

The need for having smooth traffic flow has brought many challenges for road safety project managers. In addition, issues such as the security and smoothness of the traffic flow of joint systems, Road Maintenance, easy access for drivers, and environmental protection, and etc. have always made it difficult for managers to come up with some solutions to these problems. The technical team of the company, having the required experience, carries out a detailed analysis of the project, discusses all issues surrounding the project, examines the existing desirable solutions and then, after considering all aspects of the project offers the best solution.


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Company Personnel Structure

Functions and management system

Koobesh Felez Industrial Group with more than two decades of technical and executive management experience in various fields of road and road construction has always been keen to attract specialists and committed personnel in its system. Therefore, now it enjoys experienced specialists in various fields of design, computation, technical and executive affairs, administrative affairs, logistics, and support services. This expert group is performing its duties in the following 4 sections.

  1. Technical office
  2. Executive Affairs
  3. Marketing and Commerce
  4. Administrative and Accounting Affairs
  5. They perform their duties under the supervision of the CEO


Research Group

Updating and promoting the plans and products

This group, in collaboration with specialists whose major of study is in line with its activities, strives to keep up to date with the latest technology and improve the quality of its plans and products, and thus, take a major step in providing new and efficient products in the country.


Ability to design all road safety equipment

With the help of the most up-to-date related software, experts at Koobesh Felez Industrial Group have the ability to design, calculate and process all traffic and road safety items and equipment. Using research results and analyzing the obtained data, the group tries to present new and useful products in the field of the road equipment.


Corporate Capabilities

1. Manufacturing various traffic and safety signs

  • Guide signs for inter-urban and suburban passages
  • Police road signs, warning signs, road facilities signs (informatory) etc.
  • Temporary traffic or executive signs
  • Directional signs and safety signs of the companies’ and factories’ site

All traffic signs using…

  • Engineer grade reflector, 3,5,7-years
  • Honeycomb reflector, 10 years
  • Prismatic reflector, 12 years, diamond grade
  • High-Intensity Prismatic reflector,10 years

1.Designing and positioning road safety signs and equipment

2.Construction of inter-urban and suburban public transport stations

3.Supply and installation of all kinds of intelligent traffic control systems and modern traffic products

4.Design, manufacture, and installation of flexible items and other related equipment

5.Design and manufacture of urban furniture

  • Chairs, benches and…
  • Pedestrian bridge

9.Manufacturing and producing all types of road safety barriers

Safety barriers are one of the most important roads safety tools, and this company has the ability to build different types of the following state-of-the-art barriers for different applications:

  • Guard rail (traffic barrier)
  • Handrails
  • Armed guard rail (Wire Rope safety barrier or cable guard rail)
  • Various bumpers

7. Designing and pavement markings

Taking into account the fact that manufacturing traffic marking paints are high on the agenda, and using the state-of-the-art marking machines, the company has the ability to execute the road markings in the following branches, and in so doing, it has observed the principles and standards of international road markings.

  • Inter-urban passages
  • Suburban passages
  • Two-part surfaces
  • Insertion of traffic symbols and words

8.Calculation and construction of various types of traffic sign bases

* Public bases include*

1-Fixed base: Including normal, framed (truss)

2-Temporary base

Overhead sign bases including Gate, Cross, Cantilever, etc. in framed shape and simple or corrugated cross-sections


Why should we use SIGLITE markers?

SIGLITE is higher than road markings, and because of this we can ensure that it will be rarely covered by rainwater and that dust cannot easily cover the transparent and smooth surface of the marker; especially in areas with low rainfall, the dust can easily cover the road markings and affect their reflection and consequently, the cars’ lights will no longer be reflected, thus keeping the right track and road markings hidden from the eyes of the drivers.

On the roads marked with SIGLITE, the drivers will be warned by a sound alert when they turn off the right lane and divert into the opposite lane; and due to the collision of car’s tires with this marker, the driver will be noticed and s/he will immediately turn to the correct lane. And this will certainly regulate the road and prevent an accident.

Unlike some low-quality, non-standard products, – which when broken, usually break down into large, sharp, and glassy parts, resulting in road accidents -, SIGLITE products if crushed, completely turn into powder and fine particles which pose no danger to the tires of the cars or the environment.

The durability and retention of glass beads in traffic paints, especially on busy highways, is not sufficient and desirable, and on such roads reflectivity of new markings will be severely degraded after only one month.



all siglite

Tiger’s eyes made of compact and slip-proof glass

  • These products have no blind spot from any angle
  • Strength and long life span
  • The service life of these products is 15 times more than that of ordinary plastic cat eyes

More information on these products


Solar flasher made of compact glass

  • Molded transparent compact glass
  • Tolerable pressure exceeding 20 tons
  • Temperature of 70 ° C above zero

More information on these products


Product with horizontal and vertical light reflection

  • This product is easy to install and does not harm the environment
  • The service life of this product is more than 20 years
  •  The glass surface of this product is very hard and compact
More information on these products

Tiger’s eyes made of compact and slip-proof glass

  • Bi-color series is suitable for use in lines, entrance/exit at intersections and highways
  • They have no blind spot from any angle
  • White / Red (is not self-colored)

More information on these products


Road marker made of compact glass

  • This product has the least protrusion (9 mm) from the asphalt surface.
  • They have no blind spot from any angle
  • It has an extremely hard and strong surface.

More information on these products


A product with horizontal and vertical light reflection

  • Their brightness and reflection power are three times more than that of tiger’s eyes and ordinary road studs
  • They have no blind spot from any angle
  • Strength and long life span

More information on these products


New models of SIGLITE snow blowers for snowy roads

  • Their brightness is three times more than that of tiger eyes and they are suitable for snowy roads
  • Over time, and under the sun’s UV rays, they don’t lose their quality
  • Very long service life

More information on these products

Seminars and Workshops

Koobesh Felez Industrial Group, in collaboration with experienced road safety experts, will hold seminars and workshops in the near future in order to present its capabilities in the field of modern products and state-of-the-art technologies. To get more information about the products of this company and know about the latest articles and technologies in the world, you can contact us by joining WWW.KFI-GROUP.COM or by email to this address: KOOBESH.FELEZ.HORMOZGAN@GMAIL.COM

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Company Profile (Management & Documentation)

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Company Awards and Honors

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Company Certificates

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Management Certificates

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For more information click on each project

اصلی فرودگاه More about this project

entrance project of airport

These goods include: Fluorescents 3m and Avery.

Project’s employer: Department of Transportation and terminals in Hormozgan

اصلی خدماتی More about this project

project on producing the welfare/services complex signboards

These goods include: Fluorescent and print ink appropriate for each type of fluorescent

Project’s employer: Department of Transportation and terminals in Hormozgan

اصلی عوارضی More about this project

safety projects of Bandar Abbas (Shahid Rajai)

These goods include: speed bump and cat’s eyes

Project’s employer: Department of Transportation and terminals in Hormozgan

Government agencies and contracting parties

  1. Hormuz Al
  2. Qeshm Free Zone
  3. Islamic Republic of Iran
  4. Bandar Abbas Municipality
  5. Qeshm International Airport
  6. Al-Mahdi Aluminum Complex
  7. Bandar-e Lengeh Road and Transportation Administration
  8. Bandar Abbas Road and Transportation Administration
  9. Qeshm Island Road and Transportation Administration
  10. Provincial Transportation and Terminals Department of Hormozgan
  11. Persian Gulf Mining & Metal Industries Special Economic Zone (PGSEZ)
  12. Ports & Maritime Organization of Islamic Republic of Iran

Colleagues Companies, Road Construction Contractors

  1. Jebel Bar Company
  2. Tang Zaq Company
  3. Sakht Botoun company
  4. Sar Rig Bandar Company
  5. Tunnel Sazan-e Iran Company

Executive Activities Records

  1. Organizing police stations on Bandar Abbas – Bandar Khamir Road
  2. Installation of Road Signs and Safety Equipment on Shahid Raja’i road
  3. Organizing and installing Traffic Police Station Signs at Bandar-e Lengeh
  4. Implementation of Side Guard (barriers) of Persian Gulf Highway (part 1)
  5. P Implementation of Guard rails for some part of Qeshm Persian Gulf Boulevard
  6. Installation of Bandar Abbas – Bandar Khamir Road Signs
  7. Installation of ring construction signs around Hormuz Island