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About Company

About Nowin Tejarat Gostar (NTG) Company

Our company with NTG trademark, and registration number 5285, having official business activity license and commercial card, started importing & exporting activities, from 2016.

Our Services

Thanks to the benefit of experienced managers and experts, the company is able to provide  best and valuable services in the field of importing and exporting product

N T G; is currently a member of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines.

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Some Services of Nowin Tejarat Gostar Qeshm Company

خدمات واردات

Importing Services

We provide our importing services step by step based on some especial plans, so that the goods will deliver at the lowest cost and shortest time. NTG’s experienced team provide the best and ideal conditions to our customers.

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پشتیبانی شما

Full Customer Support

In the process of product delivery, we are with you from the beginning to the end of delivery so that you calmly finalize the sale of your product.

خدمات صادرات

Exporting Service

Exporting and selling goods in foreign markets is particularly delicate, and neglecting this important issue, can waste human and financial capital.

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Company Vision

The increasing development of office (administrative) and service industrial technologies and the emergence of new economies at the financial / regional and global levels ، have necessitated the use of international and e-commerce services. And now it has become a necessity not a choice.

In the meantime, with a special look at the concept of the World Village, we are making every effort to bring productive, investment and conceptual markets closer together; in this regard, we need to work with all the scholars/ experts / economists / and businessmen, and try to take advantage of their expertise / so that we can provide the company with the opportunity to collaborate more and more with those who are active in financial sector.

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our colleagues

در این قسمت با برخی از سوابق پرسنلی شرکت آشنا می شوید

Koobesh Felez Industrial Group

Hormozgan Koobesh Felez Industrial Group (KFI-GROUP) was founded in 2007 with the purpose of designing , manufacturing , and installing traffic & safety equipment . The company , has been in business for over 9 years . Every team member employed by KFI-GROUP , has had a complete background check  , and we are approved and licensed in every level by Ministry of Roads & Urban Development of IRAN , and all of other  governmental  responsible administrations and related sectors . We have successfully completed multiple large projects in IRAN , also in some neighbouring  countries . In addition , we are one of the few certified street paint and traffic pattern installers in the zone. Because of our needs for importing raw materials , and exporting  the products and finished goods , our main factory is located in an especial economical and industrial zone , near Bandar Abbass port at the north bank of Persian Gulf. KFI-GROUP is a holding company and formed of several smaller companies which are directed by a same board of directors . Each of companies has especial duties and responsibilities ; for example , one of them builds roads and the structures , the other ,designs and produces the traffic & safety equipment ; the other , installs the  equipment in the roads also maintains them ; and one of our companies by the name Novin Tejarat Gostar , has the duty to purchase and import needed raw materials both for our manufacturing sectors and for sale to other contractors and companies . We pride ourselves on close working relationship with the many contractors we work side by side with , to complete and fulfill the projects. Our slogan is :

“To use standard and safe roads , is the birthright of every citizen”!

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Managers and Employees of Nowin Tejarat Gostar Qeshm Company

 Here are personnel’s work records


Chief Executive

Mahsa Pourabdollah

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International Affairs

Masoud Shojaei

See Resume

Financial Affairs

Mahdieh Khoshbakht

See Resume

Financial Affairs

Morteza Rasht

See Resume


Keyvan Miri

See Resume

Administrative Affairs

Mahnaz Nejadnazari

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This section shows the latest important information about the company

SnowSIGLITE is now launched

SnowSIGLITE is now launched

SnowSIG-17 & SnowSig-50 Installation 100% compatible and much more durable Upgraded reflective brightness for high visibility SnowSIGLITE (snow plowable SIGLITE) is composed of SIG-17T
Siglite D50S

Siglite D50S

Tempered Glass Road Marking Reflector The D50s Tempered Glass Road Marking Reflector can be used on any section of the roads, such as bikeway,


3x Brighter by Innovative Engineering “Bi-directional Brightness Enhanced” SIGLITE Glass Studs SIG-17T and SIG-D50sT Upgraded reflective brightness for high visibility Traditional glass studs reflect

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