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3x Brighter by Innovative Engineering

  • “Bi-directional Brightness Enhanced” SIGLITE Glass Studs SIG-17T and SIG-D50sT
  • Upgraded reflective brightness for high visibility

Traditional glass studs reflect vehicle lights from all directions and is capable of visualizing curvy roads. But on straight roads such as highways, expressways, main avenues in urban areas, it requires a more forward-oriented design for glass studs.

The new SIG-17T and SIG-D50sT with new “Bi-directional brightness enhanced” design
concentrates their reflection on the forward direction. As a result, the reflective brightness is 3 times higher than traditional glass studs whilst the reflection at 20 degrees at the left and the right side remains the same with that of traditional glass studs.

siglite 17t d50st