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SnowSIGLITE is now launched

SnowSIG-17 & SnowSig-50

  • Installation 100% compatible and much more durable
  • Upgraded reflective brightness for high visibility

SnowSIGLITE (snow plowable SIGLITE) is composed of SIG-17T or SIG-D50sT and their
corresponding iron case housing. Due to the design of the iron case housing, the installation ofSnowSIGLITE is 100% compatible with traditional snow-plowable studs,and customers don’t need to purchase additional installation machine.

Moreover, SIG-17T and SIG-D50sT are made of tempered glass and don’t get aged by ultraviolet ray. Also, being fastened to the iron case housing with adhesive, SIG-17T and SIG-D50sT don’t fall off. As a result, SnowSIGLITE is much more durable and will serve much longer than Traditional snow-plowable studs.