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Solar Siglite (A-68) & (A-666)

Tempered Glass Road Marking Blinker With Solar Power

Color available Solar Power

  • A-68: white (2LED,1direction,blinking) , yellow (2 LED,2-direction)

Blue (3LED,1-direction) , green (4LED,2-direction)

red (6 LED,2-direction)

  • A-666: white (Type I: 3+3 LED outward, blinking) , yellow (Type II:4+4 LED outward, continuous), blue (Type III:6+6 LED outward),

Green (Type IV:12 LED in circle) , red (Type V:6 LED in semi-circle)

Red (Type VI:3+3 LED inward)

Solar Siglite1
Solar Siglite2

features and Specification

  1. Shell material: molded clear tempered glass.
  2. Inner structure: solar cell panel, PCB, rechargeable battery, high luminance LED & light switch sensor.
  3. Solar panel: Operation voltage: 1.92V
  4. Operation Current: 160mA
  5. Battery: a. material: Ni-Mh rechargeable battery
  6. Operation voltage: 1.2V
  7. Capacity: 1.2AH
  8. Charge time: 8 hours
  9. Continued working:A-68: 4-5 nights for blinking type.


  1. LED Blink speed: 300 time / minute ± 10%
  2. Weight: 0.9kg
  3. Ambient temperature : +70℃ ~ -20℃

Installation procedures for solar siglite

  1. For solar Siglite model (A-68)drill a hole of 42 mm depth with the 112mm drilling bit; and for model A-666 , drill a hole of 30 mm depth in the pavement with the 4” drilling bit (use the drill stopper to assure the correct depth of the hole)
  2. Use special socket tool to remove the excessive gravels or asphalt from the hole. For concrete pavement, use jackhammer to crush the excessive concrete in the hole for easy removal.
  3. Use high pressure air blower to blow away the unwanted debris and water. Use sponge to remove excessive water if necessary.
  4. Use the dummy solar Siglite to check if the depth is acceptable for installation.
  5. Apply proper amount of epoxy glue to the hole.
  6. Adjust the direction of solar Siglite and place it in the hole.
  7. Lightly pound the glass top to secure it’s position with a plastic hammer.
  8. Apply some epoxy glue around the rim of solar Siglite.
Solar Siglite3