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Twin – colored series

Siglite Twin - colored series

  • Thanks to 180 degree design, these models of SIGLITE Twin – colored series have excellent re-flection during raining nights; whereas, the glass beads of thermoplastic road marking are non-reflective under such weather conditions.
  • they guide traffic flow, on freeways or other roads and in winding curves at night in addition to the road marking lines.180 degree design SIGLITE, pro-vide a safe visual environment. the tiny glass beads of thermoplastic mark-ers fall off easily; thus the reflection of such road markers declines extensive-ly. the other advantage is their bumping effect which will warn the driver when changing traffic lanes.
  • 180 degree design can improve drivers attention.

color available

  • Siglite Twin – colored series

red/white (not self-colored)


  • SIG-19SP: Lane lines, side lines and center lines of higghway, express ways and urban roads ,traffic island, roundabout, bollard and so on
Twin - colored series